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General sales-agreements

The hawaiislingers.shop wants to be sure that the relations with its customers are as smooth as possible. We appreciate the trust you place in us and we take your rights very seriously. It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of what you can expect from us and that we know what we can expect from you in our turn. The General Terms and Conditions of Sale below will, each time you visit our website and purchase from the hawaiislingers.shop, make clear what your legal situation is. By granting access to either hawaiislingers.shop, you agree to a legal commitment and to comply with the terms and conditions below.
All products offered by the hawaiislingers.shop are described as completely as possible and in good faith. The offers and the prices are valid on the day when they are offered on our website and for the period mentioned in our catalogs and brochure. The indicated prices are exclusive of VAT. The hawaiislingers.shop can not be held liable for (printing) errors that appear in his offers. We offer our products on our website or in our catalogs and / or folders to depletion of stock. The hawaiislingers.shop does its best to ensure that all products ordered by you are available. However, it may happen that an item is out of stock at the wholesaler in that case we will inform you as soon as possible and you may decide to cancel your order. The hawaiislingers.shop can not be held responsible for damage that would result from the non-availability of a product.
There is a valid agreement between you and the hawaiislingers.shop when the hawaiislingers.shop receives the confirmation of your order on its website, or when we receive your validly filled in and signed order form.
Packaging costs and Shipping costs

Our products are sent via the Post Office or possibly via a courier service.We guarantee the customer that we are looking for the cheapest formula for shipping.
The transport costs are calculated separately, and are stated on your order form. If you do not agree with these shipping or transport costs, you can still return or cancel.
Shipping the order through this way is always the responsibility of the customer. All damage, theft, loss, strike, and others can not be recovered at the hawaiislingers.shop.
Except in the case of cash payment, the payment of the goods to be delivered by hawaiislingers.shop must take place within 7 days after the date of confirmation of the order, unless otherwise agreed. Only when the correct invoice amount is received will the hawaiislingers.shop proceed to deliver or send the ordered goods. If payment of the delivered or to be delivered goods has not been effected at the latest on the 7th day after date of invoicing, the debtor will be imputably short of the performance of his obligation.
Consequences attributable shortcomings

Imputable shortcomings as mentioned above obliges debtor to compensate the hawaiislingers.shop for the damage it suffers as a result

Liability for contractual interest in attributable shortcomings

In the event of an attributable shortcoming, the debtor owes interest of 1% per month or 12% on an annual basis, from date of default to the day of full payment. The aforementioned interest rate counts as a stipulated interest within the meaning of Section 6: 119 (3) Dutch Civil Code which is higher than that which is payable in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of Section 6: 119 Dutch Civil Code. Each year after the end of a year, the amount for which contractual interest is due is increased by the contractual interest owed for that year.

Payment of contractual penalty for attributable shortcomings

In the event of a shortfall in the fulfillment of his or her obligation consisting of a delayed payment, the debtor is obliged to pay a sum of money consisting of 10% of the invoiced amount by way of penalty. The aforementioned penalty due to delay in the payment replaces the contractual interest due within the meaning of article 6: 119 paragraph 3 of the Dutch Civil Code, unless this contractual interest total to be quantified exceeds 10% of the invoiced amount. The penalty is due first, after the hawaiislingers.shop debtor, after an expired payment term by means of notice of default, has given the opportunity to pay before a certain fatal date set by it and has announced the chargeability of the penalty in this notice of default.

Now that the fine is only imposed on the mere delay in the fulfillment of the payment obligation, the hawaiislingers.shop in addition to the penalty fully claims to fulfill the main obligation, or replacement compensation.

Reimbursement of legal costs in and out of court and all further litigation costs in attributable shortcomings